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Your Intern in Britain Program Conditions

Your Intern in Britain program conditions are supplementary to the BUNAC general terms and conditions listed - here. The BUNAC General Terms & Conditions are not limited or restricted by any points mentioned in the Intern in Britain program specific conditions which are set out below.


Intern in Britain visa sponsorship: Tier 5 Certificate of Sponsorship, assistance with the Tier 5 visa application process, in-country support for the duration of your sponsorship. Full program inclusions are listed here


The program deposit is non-refundable, except in the case of your application being rejected by BUNAC when you will be subject to a £25/$30/€30 refund administration cost. Your deposit is transferable to any other BUNAC programme up until you have paid your programme fees and your application is progressed, at which stage your deposit will be deemed used and therefore non-transferable.


Payment schedule:

Intern in Britain Visa Sponsorship Non-refundable deposit payment: Due when booking: £100/$100/€100

Program fee: Due when Employer Application & Agreement is submitted to BUNAC: £505/$695/€585

Total Cost: £605/$845/€685

Additional Program fees:

Additional Intern in Britain program fees are listed below and are payable in the following instances:

Pre-site visit – Required if your host employer meets any of the below criteria. A pre-site visit will increase COS processing time by 5 days

• Host Employer has fewer than 20 full-time employees

• Host employer has less than £3million turnover

• Host employer have been trading as a UK company for less than 2 years

Priority COS Processing – Reduces standard 10 days COS processing to 5 days (10 days with a pre-site visit)

Priority Plus COS Processing – Reduces 5 day priority processing to 2 days (7 days with a pre-site visit)

Additional Servicing fees:

Pre Site visit : $150/£100/€110

Additional site visit: $200/£150/€170

Priority COS Processing: $200/£150/€165

Priority Plus COS processing: $200/£150/€165

Internship Start date change fee*: $200/$150/€165

*Internship start date changes are not guaranteed and are assessed on a case by case basis


• Date changes to your certificate of sponsorship after it has been issued incur a $150/£125/€140 fee

• All date changes are subject to consideration on a case by case basis

• You Intern in Britain booking is not transferable to another person


Cancellations will not be acted on until confirmation by email has been received by BUNAC. Cancellation fees are calculated as a % of your program fees paid (excluding the non-refundable deposit) and are dependant on the stage on your application when your cancellation request is received:

• Before Certificate of Sponsorship has been issued: £200/$250/€215

• After Certificate of Sponsorship has been issued: 100% of total fees paid to BUNAC (non-refundable) BUNAC are not liable for and cannot refund third party costs including travel costs, flights, medical costs and visa costs or if your visa is refused under any circumstances.


VISA TYPE: Tier 5 Government Authorised Exchange (Temporary Worker)

ELIGIBILITY: Full time university student (internship start date must be within 12 months of graduation date)

VISA SUPPORT FUNDS: £1270 (shown in personal bank account for 30 days at time of application

VISA CONDITIONS: Interns must complete online monthly check-ins with BUNAC / Interns must not undertake any other work on their Tier 5 visa / Minimum $100,000 medical cover on your health insurance policy.

• Visas are issued at the discretion of UK Visas & Immigration.

• BUNAC do not accept responsibility for any costs incurred through a delay in visa processing or where a visa is refused. If your visa is refused the above program cancellation conditions apply

• The visa cost is set by UKVI and is subject to change without notice. BUNAC will notify participants of any change to the advertised cost listed here. Where there is an increase in the visa cost, the participant will be responsible for meeting such costs.

BUNAC Sponsorship Conditions

• BUNAC may rescind sponsorship and inform the UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) at any time if you do not remain in full compliance with these program conditions and applicable UK Immigration regulations. Once so notified by BUNAC, I understand that I must immediately depart from the United Kingdom.

• The terms of these program conditions cannot be altered without written permission from BUNAC. Any additional agreement between the intern and host employer may not contradict or override any conditions of this agreement

• If there are problems with your internship placement which are raised by you or your host employer, BUNAC may step in to review the situation and can terminate your sponsorship if no solution is presented

• If your host employer is found to be in breach of any of the program conditions, BUNAC may rescind your sponsorship immediately. If an issue occurs, I understand that BUNAC may investigate and if so must be provided with all requested information

• If you have provided a financial guarantor for proof of support funds then you understand that it is their responsibility to look after you financially and BUNAC will not be held responsible if you require financial assistance

• You are not permitted to enter the UK before, nor remain in the UK beyond, the dates specified on your UK visa.

• You will inform BUNAC immediately if, for any reason including early departure and termination, you are unable to complete my internship.

• You will inform BUNAC immediately of any changes in circumstances which may significantly affect the internship.

Tier 5 Visa Conditions

• If your visa application is refused, BUNAC does not have the ability to question the UKVI’s decision

• You are responsible for submitting your own visa application within three months of receiving your Certificate of Sponsorship from BUNAC.

• You understand that you should not book any flights until you have received your Tier 5 visa and BUNAC cannot be held responsible for any financial costs incurred in amending or cancelling flights.

• You are solely responsible for checking with the consulate in your country what the visa process and guidelines are. If a mistake is made on your visa application, BUNAC will assist you in order to correct this however not be held accountable for any mistakes made.


• You are required to submit all documentation to BUNAC in order for us to start processing your application; we can reject your application at any stage.

• If your application is cancelled by BUNAC due to the rejection of any of your supporting documents / internship placement assessment you will be refunded the program fee minus $75/ £50/ €60 (this is not included in the non-refundable deposit)

• You are required to disclose information relating to existing medical conditions, criminal history, nationality and occupation during the initial application stage so BUNAC can determine if you will be required to submit extra documents and how it will affect your application processing time.


BUNAC are not responsible for any flight changes, delays or cancellations.


Travel insurance is mandatory for all BUNAC participants. Please refer to our General Terms and Conditions.

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