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Finding an internship

With BUNAC, you have the option to find your own internship in the UK or use our online Job Hub to search and apply for pre-vetted UK internships.

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How to find an internship in the UK

Other than working within the hospitality or healthcare sector, BUNAC can sponsor you via our Intern in Britain program to do most paid or unpaid internships. From big multinationals and international non-profits to independent start-ups, you name the business or the industry, and it’s bound to be represented in the UK. Plus, as Britain has a multitude of major towns and cities that act as global hubs for companies from all over the world, you don’t need to confine your search to finding an internship in London.

Check out our top tips on this page for finding the right UK internship for you. If you don't already have an internship offer, you can search for paid and voluntary internships on our Job Hub. We regularly have UK employers looking for Marketing, Fashion, Architecture, Artist Management, Finance, Business Interns and more on our Job Hub - with more positons being posted all the time. 

For BUNAC to sponsor you, your internship must meet these requirements:

  • Be a maximum of up 12 months in duration and at least 25 hours per week 
  • Must be a supernumerary position, meaning that the role is designed for an intern and not a permanent employee 
  • Your internship must include complex activities rather than routine tasks, and have a good level of rotation and clear objectives backed up by a detailed training plan 
  • It must include enough supervision from your employer. We look for a full-time permanent staff to intern ratio of at least 5:1
  • If it’s a paid internship, it must meet the national minimum wage legislation; and for unpaid internships, the  UK volunteer rights. 
  • All internships longer than 6 months must be paid (meeting UK national minimum wage). 
  • The company you intern with should be registered with Companies House for at least the last 12 months.  
  • At least 30% of a hybrid internship must be based in the company’s registered office.  
  • We do not offer sponsorship for fully remote internships. 

If you have any questions regarding the suitability of your internship, please give our team a call 

If you already have

If you already have an internship offer

Our team will review your internship, and if it meets all the UK Government requirements, we can start with the sponsorship process.

Visas and eligibility

Tips for finding a UK internship

The benefit of finding your own internship is that you can approach any UK company, targeting organisations that closely align with your future career aspirations.  

Focus on your field

Widen your net when it comes to the number of UK companies you target, but stay focused on the role you want. You’ll stand a better chance of getting through the door when you can show a genuine passion for your chosen career, rather than just a willingness to take any internship. Employers ultimately want to see that they can grow your skills in an area you’re truly committed to learning about and want to work in in the future.

Leverage your contacts

Get online and get creative

Tell them about BUNAC

Check out these websites

Need help

Need help finding an internship?

Finding an internship can be time-consuming, especially when you’re overseas. So why not tap into someone else’s little black book of contacts. With the BUNAC Job Hub you’ll have access to our pre-vetted employers that are hiring interns.  We are constantly speaking with new companies and they are regularly posting opportunities. 


Find an internship in London

Even back in 1777, Dr Samuel Johnson famously said about London, “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”. A city where ancient architecture meets cutting-edge creativity, London has an energy and humility all of its own. So if you want world famous street art, lazy weekend markets, free galleries, vast green parks, cloud-hitting rooftop bars and quaint crooked pubs... then an internship in London is just what the doctor ordered.

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