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Cost and inclusions

Our experienced Intern in Britain team support you with everything you need – from sponsorship to social events – to get you set up for life interning in the UK.

What’s included Book now pay later

These amounts are payable to BUNAC in your local currency and cover the program cost, sponsorship fee and BUNAC support.

Program cost



Payable once all supporting documents are approved and before we review the EAA from your employer





  • Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) needed to apply for your UK visa
  • Evaluation of your internship offer to ensure it meets UK visa criteria
  • Step-by-step guidance with your Temporary Worker GAE visa application
  • Vetting of host employees to ensure they comply with government requirements
  • Support with all the essentials, from sourcing accommodation to travel insurance
  • Regular check-ins with our UK BUNAC team + monthly London social events

Optional or additional costs

Employer pre-site visit (if required)


Certificate of Sponsorship priority processing (optional)


Changes to Certificate of Sponsorship after issue


BUNAC will need to conduct an employer site visit prior to approving your internship for any UK company that: 

  • Has fewer than 20 full-time employees
  • Has less than £3 million turnover
  • Has been trading as a UK company for less than two years
    Click here for more about the employer criteria for your UK internship.

Confused about the next steps? We’ve got you. Check out our step-by-step guide and FAQs.

Visa costs

The cost of your visa is additional to your programme fee and is paid (along with any expediated fees) directly to the UK Government.

  • Temporary Work GAE visa                                        £244


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Other costs

Travel insurance

It’s a programme requirement to have travel insurance that covers the duration of your trip and repatriation back to your home country.

Click here to get a quote from our partners at World Nomads.


The cost of flights will depend on your route and dates. We don’t recommend booking your flights until your visa has been approved.

Support funds

You must be able to show that you have the equivalent of £1270 in your bank account when entering the UK.


If English isn’t your first language, you'll need to show an SELTS certificate for a score of 6.0 or higher. See our FAQS page for more details.


Accommodation costs in the UK vary depending on the city and the type of accommodation you’re looking for. Although London is the most expensive city to live in the UK, there are still bargains to be found – especially if you’re coming over as a student. We’ve teamed up with leading student accommodation specialists, to help our interns out. Talk to us and we’ll refer you to one of their experts.

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Money talks

Dosh, dough, sheets. You thought you spoke English until you went to Britain. And Brits thought they spoke English until they went to London’s East End. Here’s how to talk money in Cockney rhyming slang.

Deep sea diver or Lady Godiva = fiver (£5)

Score = £20

Pony = £25

Bullseye = £50

Ton = £100

Monkey = £500

Grand = £1000

p.s. If you don’t know what a Cockney is, watch any Guy Ritchie film before you arrive.  

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