How to find your own internship in the UK

Like finding a job, finding an internship takes research and persistence. Many interns prefer for BUNAC to find their internship placement for them using their expertise and exclusive network of contacts. However others prefer to find an internship themselves.

Here are our top tips for finding your own internship in the UK:

  1. Download our Guide to Finding an Internship in Britain - it's packed full of advice and resources for you to use, including details on how to format your resume to suit British employers and a letter from BUNAC to your future employer about the Intern in Britain program.

  2. Google companies in the industry you want to work in and narrow down the search if you know what location you want to be in, for example “Marketing companies in Manchester”. Make a list and start contacting the companies. Be sure to mention that you’re taking care of the visa and even send them a link to our employers page.

  3. Look close to home. Research international companies based in the country you already live in and see if they have a UK division.

  4. Use your connections. Visit your University Careers Service or International Education Office, speak to your teachers and even friends and family. They may have some connections in the UK, or resources you can use.

  5. There are lots of websites that are dedicated to matching interns to the perfect internships and many are also UK specific. Check them out here

  6. Consider using a Placement Company. Just like BUNAC offers a placement service to take the stress out of finding an internship, there are other companies that can do this for you too. You can find a list of some of our partner placement companies here.

I've found my internship!

Congratulations! Head over to our Apply page to see what next steps you need to take to make your internship in the UK happen.