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My First Summer Camp USA Experience

We caught up with BUNACer Tess, who spent summer 2018 working as a Waterfront Instructor at Kamp Kohut in Maine. Before Tess heads out to Summer Camp USA for second year, we got the lowdown on her first Summer Camp experience!

What made you decide to head to Summer Camp USA with BUNAC?

Having always loved the idea of meeting new people, trying new things and experiencing the great outdoors, I always knew that I wanted to go to Summer Camp USA! Not being able to go as a camper, I realised that working as a Camp Counsellor was the next best thing! 

How did you feel about heading to Summer Camp USA for a summer abroad?

Even though I had travelled alone before, the prospect seemed quite daunting, and with my expectations of Summer Camp USA being largely centered around the film “The Parent Trap”, I wasn’t one hundred per cent sure what to expect when I arrived. However, my experience of working as a Waterfront Counsellor was even better than I expected!

It sounds like you enjoyed it! So, what was your favourite part of the experience?

I am so thankful to have met so many amazing Campers and Camp Counsellors with unique personalities and skills, try so many new things and have experiences that I will honestly remember for the rest of my life. 

What was day-to-day life like?

Every day is different, and I was able to experience so many things! Waterskiing for the first time, kayaking across Lake Thompson, paddle boarding at sunset, experiencing my very first American 4th of July! A day feels like a week because you pack in so much every day. When a month passes it seems like a few days and you don’t know where the summer has gone!

What did you gain from spending a summer at Summer Camp USA?

As well as many memorable experiences and new friends from all over the world, I definitely gained a lot of independence and a wider degree of people skills during the summer and would recommend the experience to anyone!

If you want to follow in Tess’s footsteps and have the summer of a lifetime, sign up to Summer Camp USA today!
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