From our Camp Class of 23 CV-rocketing skills you’ll learn at summer camp

At summer camp in America, you'll learn a bunkload of skills that future employers will love. Just ask our class of '23 campers on their experience working at camp last summer. 

Don’t take it from us... 
Hands down, a summer spent living and working amongst breathtaking scenery with a bunch of new mates will be the best job you ever do. But fun factor aside, your nine weeks in the States will also be a total boot camp for your CV – where you’ll come away with a bunkload of leadership, communication and problem-solving skills. Skills that will help you grow personally and professionally – and that future employers will love.  
Here’s what some of our BUNAC Class of ‘23 campers had to say about their experience working at camp last summer.

Camp superpower #1: Performing under pressure 
“Camp helped me overcome my fears, to value my work and rely on teammates. I learned a lot about teamwork, performing under pressure, taking critical decisions and giving my 100% to everything I do from now on.” 

Camp superpower #2: Next level leadership skills 
“I definitely grew in confidence/decisiveness because when you’re in charge of kids, you have to take the lead. I learnt to say yes to every opportunity, I learnt about managing responsibility because this was the first working dynamic in which I really felt like the ‘adult’, and I learnt about the importance of communication with colleagues.” 
Camp superpower #3: Independence and tolerance 
“Camp brought out the best version of myself and taught me how to be independent and more tolerable of a range of people.” 

Camp superpower #4: Stronger work ethic 
“I feel that I have a much better attitude to life after camp. I can see the benefits of routine and I have a better work ethic. I am also more social and confident after going to the US on my own and coming home with loads more friends from all over the world.” 

Camp superpower #5: Positive thinking and rationalisation 
“It helped me to rationalise situations and deal with stressful problems with positivity. It helped me become more caring and understanding as well and I learnt to lean on the support of others.” 

Camp superpower #6: Thinking on the spot 
“I feel that I am better equipped to handle any difficult challenges at short notice.” 
Camp superpower #7: Personal growth 
“I took on a leadership role at camp. Camp offered good personal development opportunities for staff. The 24/7 nature job of being a cabin counsellor and responsibility of overseeing the junior waterfront definitely necessitated personal growth and greater maturity.” 
Camp superpower #8: Confidence building 
“I feel like generally I gained more independence, now I can handle social situations better but also am much more accustomed to unknown environments and having confidence traversing and living in them.” 
Feeling inspired to spend your summer Stateside – earning money, growing your skills and making a difference to the lives of young people? Find out more about Summer Camp USA.  
* These testimonials were taken from our end of season Summer Camp USA 2023 survey. 

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