A typical day for a lifeguard at summer camp

Hollie's Camp USA Story

Summer camp is often described as 'the hardest job you'll ever love' and this is definitely true for Hollie who worked as a lifeguard at summer camp. She had the best time working with the kids and sharing cultures, she shares with us her typical day at camp.

07:30 - Awake to the sound of 'One Direction' over the camp tannoy, and rush to get my cabin of eight, 15 year old girls up and ready for flag raising.

08:30 - Breakfast is bagels and cream cheese today - my favourite!

09:00 - It’s cabin clean up time - my cabin have won the cleanest cabin award for 3 days in a row, so we are on a roll / mission!

10:00 - 1st activity: The youngest boys are first to the pool - swim is their favourite activity on camp, they're hyper!

11:30 - 2nd activity: I take the oldest boys out kayaking on the lake, we race and one of them even beats me!

13:00 - Lunch time – taco time! My cabin won the Cabin Clean Up Award for the 4th day in a row……smiles all round!

14:00 - 3rd activity: As a lifeguard, we get the period after lunch off due to the heat. I receive a package from home, wow, English tea bags and chocolate!

15:00 - 4th activity: I teach the oldest girls to dive, they’re all so keen to improve. It’s really rewarding.

16:00 - 5th activity: I supervise fishing with the youngest girls on camp – their squeals at handling the slimy fish can be heard right across camp, we have a great laugh!

18:00 - Dinner is a cook out, rustic style… I’m full from 2 burgers and a hot dog…

19:30 - It’s International Evening tonight, so I’ve painted the Union Jack on my face ready for inter – country competitions!

21:30 - Finally, the girls in my cabin stop chatting and fall asleep, so I head up to our daily staff meeting to go over the day’s events.

22:00 - I’m knackered but hang out in the staff lodge with other BUNACers planning our American road trip for after camp! Camp life is hectic, but I love it!

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