Sophie's top tips for getting hired at the BUNAC Summer Camp Fair

Summer Camp Fairs can be daunting places no matter your age, experience or skillset. Why? Because for the past five months you’ve dreamt of spending your summer differently to how you’ve spent them previously. Instead of working in your local supermarket or spending your uni-free weeks revising (only broken up with a short getaway to sunny Spain), you want to fly to the United States for a slice of the American Dream and work at an American summer camp as a camp counsellor or an activity instructor. Your parents and maybe even some of your friends might think it’s a brave decision to make. To me, it’s a great one, and you won't regret it. And all this is playing on your mind in the lead up to the Summer Camp Fairs: the one day in one year where you can get hired by a Camp Director face to face. 

Having been hired at the London Summer Camp Recruitment Fair back in 2013, I know what it feels like to be nervously waiting in line to speak to Camp Directors from overseas. For some of you it might be in the first adult American you’ve properly spoken to, or perhaps it’ll be one of the first formal job interviews you’ve had. All of this is okay.  I worked at Summer Camp for three consecutive years and it changed my life. I solemnly swear that it is the happiest place on Earth (forget Disneyland) and it will always be my second home.

I want to help as many people as I can get out there and experience the true magic of summer camp for themselves. So, I’ve comprised a quick to-do list of how to best prepare for the upcoming BUNAC Summer Camp Recruitment Fair. 

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