I got hired at my dream camp job in two weeks!

Anna is living the dream right now. After starting her application for Summer Camp USA, she was interviewed by a BUNAC team member, the interviewed swiftly by a Camp Director and got hired at Camp in just two weeks! Her home for the summer will be Camp Summit, where she'll be a Marital Arts Instructor. She can't wait to get on that plane.

Want to go to Summer Camp USA this year? Find out what Anna has to say about the application process! 

Tell us about yourself (and be as crazy as you want!)

I'm happy, outgoing and I'm always eating. I am honest to the bone and people value that. I love being active and constantly growing, which is why I fell in love with Martial Arts. There's never an end to this game, there's always more to discover, always something to improve.

Why did you want to go to Summer Camp USA with BUNAC? 

I feel like having the chance to make an impact on someone's life is what got me. There was also the element of postponing my 'at the desk for the rest of my life' inevitable future too. Selfishly, I did not choose to go to Camp just to give, but also to gain an amazing experience myself. When working with kids you need to keep in mind that they're at the stage of molding their personality. For me, the opportunity to show someone right from wrong, be able to pass on some knowledge, and to one day say 'I was there, I left my piece' is what I'm looking forward to most. Camp is 100% mutually beneficial for both parties!

Why did you choose BUNAC? 

I've had friends who have gone away on J1 summer work and exchange visas to work in the USA, but none of them had ever done a Summer Camp. So when I came across BUNAC's advertisement promoting the experience, I just felt a bit of faith and stuck with these guys. I would never swap them for anybody else in a million years. They are hands down the most helpful people I have ever cooperated with. 

When did you start your application, when did you get hired? 

So, my adventure with BUNAC was real spontaneous. I was sitting on the couch and scrolling through Instagram, contemplating my up to date life choices, and then BAM, 'How would you like to spend your next summer as a Camp Counsellor?' appeared on my screen. It sounded perfect for me and I decided on a whim to do it. My interview took place on Skype and by the end of it I was told I have been accepted onto the programme and what the next steps would be for my application. One week later I had uploaded everything that was needed. After ten days I received an email from a Camp Director and she became my official employer the next day. I tell you know that even though this all seems very quick, you can do it even quicker!

How did you find the application and interview process? 

BUNAC's initial application is probably the easiest application form I've ever had to complete. All you need to do is talk about yourself and dress your personality with the right amount of glitter. The application process is so incredibly easy to follow. My interview was carried out by Sophie (shout-out to Sophie for being an absolute legend.) From the very start she's created such an amazing, warm and friendly atmosphere. I felt super comfortable the whole time. 

So what did you feel like when you got hired? 

So literally what happened was this: I danced my way down the stairs and sang to my parents that I'm going to Pennsylvania! There were lots of hugs and I kept repeating that I couldn't believe it. I don't think you can actually put into words what it feels like - it's such an accomplishment. 

Tell us about your camp! Where is it and what job are you doing? 

‘Your Camp’ - ah, it sounds so nice. Well, my Camp is called Summit Camp. Summit Camp is a place for special needs kids, children with verbal difficulties, AD/HD, Tourette’s syndrome, Bi-Polar disorder and many other obstacles that have been placed in front of these kids. What I love most about the Camp is that they’re there to have fun, not to come as beginners and leave as Olympics winners. I was lucky enough to be offered the position of Martial Arts Instructor, which allows me to demonstrate something I'm so passionate about. The excitement is real. 

What advice would you give to someone who was unsure about going on Summer Camp USA? 

For some this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity. For others this could be your first of many times you choose to go to Summer Camp USA. In either case, no matter how scary it might seem, it will definitely be worth it and this is how I feel right now! I feel like my application process was extremely quick. Documents wise you can have pretty much everything submitted before you even get hired, except obviously your signed contract and the police check as it requires a letter of confirmation saying you have been accepted onto the programme. This is the only document you might be waiting for (maybe a week) and don't have complete control over. So everything you can do, do it ASAP! And trust me, once you hear ‘you’re hired’ dance your way down the stairs and share your news with everyone! You're going to have the most amazing time! 

Anna is officially ready for her Summer Camp USA experience. If you want to be as excited for summer as her, why not start your application now? The BUNAC team can have your application sorted from deposit to interview in just one week - so really, you have no excuse to get to Camp in summer 2018!

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