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While interning in Peru on a community development internship, you will help to help to educate Peruvian locals in order to meet the United Nation's Sustainable Goals. You will be helping to enrich the lives of those in the Cusco by working to deliver quality education in the scholastic sense but also in health and personal development. This is a brand-new project over in Peru, so participating gives you the exciting opportunity to be part of laying the formal foundations of this sustainable long-term project. You will also be instrumental in forming important relationships within the local community and project partners. On this internship program you will complete a leadership course endorsed by ILM (Institute of Leadership & Management) which is an internationally recognized body.

Interning Monday to Friday in Cusco, you will have the opportunity to work with a variety of people both young and old, so you'll not only be helping them, you'll also gain leadership and other transferable skills in order to build your own CV and skillset. Some of the work you'll be involved with includes;

  • Teaching English: Empower children through teaching English between 1-2 weeks during your stay. This education will filter back home to families, which in turn improves the side business of rural tourism.
  • Environmental awareness: We have implemented an environmental education program at a local school, where you will participate in different activities with teachers and students: some activities include: supporting environmental workshops, lake clean up, recycling, etc
  • Supporting a local enterprise run by women: You will be able to listen to the demands of a local enterprise in Cusco run by women, and find solutions on their business side with the aim of improving profitability.
  • Enhancing fair trade practices to complement the conservation efforts in indigenous communities in two main areas: community tourism and traditional weaving.
  • Construction and painting of new community centres
  • Womens Rights Workshops
  • Other additional work depends on the season and the demand of the local community. Some of these potential activities include: conservation of environmental resources and water through some construction and education-related initiatives in the Cusco region.
  • Because you will be working closely with the community, things can change based on their needs so a certain level of flexibility is required