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Work America Eligibility

Work America is open to passport holders of all nationalities, as long as you are a full time student registered at a UK, German, Austrian or Swiss university.

Age / Eligibility
- 18-30
  • Must be a current full time, degree level student, registered at a UK, German, Austrian or Swiss university for the full academic year
  • Your course must be at least 2 years in length for undergraduates or at least 1 year for postgraduates
  • You can either be a current student or a student graduating in the summer of intended departure |

J-1 Visa for the USA

Your J-1 visa is your ticket to your US Summer 2022 Work and Travel adventure! In order to apply for a J-1 Visa you have to go through a US sponsor approved organisation, and this is where BUNAC steps in, along with our US partner, CIEE.

BUNAC will assist you at every step in submitting your application for this student-only visa, including arranging your visa paperwork, finding a job, assistance with embassy interviews and checking all your documents along the way.

Visa Duration
Up to 4 months + 30 days travel at the end
Visa costs
J1 Visa fee: $160
Proof of funds: $800

The J-1 Visa allows you to:

  • Work in summer based seasonal work anywhere in the USA for up to 4 months over the summer season
  • Travel anywhere in the USA for up to 30 days at the end of your work contract

Visa Application

  • The J-1 Visa can only be granted with sponsorship via a company like BUNAC, you are not able to apply and obtain this visa independently. BUNAC will give you full support with the visa application, job searching and sponsorship process.

Things to know about the J-1 Visa:

  • You will need to secure a job in the USA before the sponsorship process and Visa application can begin. Check out the jobs BUNAC can help you get here. |
  • You must be able to attend a US consulate appointment in the country where you are registered as a student. |
  • SEVIS fee and medical insurance are included in your Work America program fee. |
  • Visas are limited so it is advised to book as early as possible. |

Check out our FAQs for more questions about the J-1 Visa and Work America.