Terms & Conditions for Work America

Your Work America Programme Conditions By joining a BUNAC programme you are bound by our general terms and conditions which are listed [here](https://bunac.org/terms-and-conditions) 1. PROGRAMME INCLUSIONS Essentials: eligibility screening, access to seasonal job listings, J1 visa assistance and DS2019 certificate, travel medical insurance and in-country support. Full programme inclusions are listed [here](https://www.bunac.org/work/usa/work-america/inclusions) Ultimate: eligibility screening, interview, seasonal job placement, J1 visa assistance and DS2019 certificate, travel medical insurance and in-country support. Full programme inclusions are listed [here](https://www.bunac.org/work/usa/work-america/inclusions). Your USA J-1 sponsor for all programmes is CIEE. 2. PROGRAMME COSTS AND PAYMENTS Payment Schedule Deposit Payment Due when booking, before interview : £100 / €130 Final payment Due when placement confirmed with employer : Essentials (£450 / €469) Ultimate (£1229 / €1350) Total Cost: Essentials (£550 / €599) Ultimate (£1329 /€1445) 3. TRANSFERRING OR CHANGING YOUR BOOKING Deposit is transferable to any BUNAC programme up until point of your BUNAC interview taking place After your interview, your deposit will be considered as used and therefore be non-transferable Your deposit is protected for life, however, is not transferable to another person. Your DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) must be printed with your correct name, date of birth, place and country of birth It is your responsibility to provide details on all application forms that exactly your passport. The DS- 2019 replacement cost, due to misinformation or loss by the applicant is £75. 4. PROGRAMME CANCELLATION Cancellations will not be acted on until written confirmation by email has been received by BUNAC. If a DS-2019 has been issued it must be returned to BUNAC before any refunds are given. Programme deposit The £100 / €130 programme deposit is a non-refundable fee. If your application is rejected, you are subject to a £25 / 30EUR administration cost to process your refund. The below cancellation fee’s apply at the below cancellation stages If you cancel before your DS2019 has been issued : £189/€210 (deposit + £89) If you cancel after your DS2019 has been issued : £289/€315 (deposit + £189) If your J-1 Visa is refused or held for ‘Additional Processing’: £125/€135 If your flight has been booked (Ultimate program option) : £1329/€1445 (no refund) BUNAC are not liable for and cannot refund third party costs including: police checks, travel costs, medical costs, visa costs under any circumstances. 5. YOUR WORK AMERICA PLACEMENT Your placement will take place between June and September and the duration of your job contract will be determined with your employer Every employer has slightly different start and finish placement dates BUNAC reserve the right to cancel you from the Work America programme if you reject more than one placement. The listed cancellation terms will apply 6. VISA VISA TYPE: J-1 Summer Work & Travel VISA ELIGIBILITY: Full time university student (final year students are eligible to apply) VISA SUPPORT FUNDS : $800USD USA J-1 Visas J-1 visas are issued at the discretion of the US Embassy and the US Embassy can change visa application processes at any time. You are responsible for submitting a correct and complete visa application on time You may experience delays or a denial if you: Have a caution, been arrested or convicted of a crime, have previously experienced US visa/immigration problems or overstayed a visit to the US. You must inform BUNAC if any of these statuses apply to you at the beginning of the application. US Embassy appointments • All first-timer applicants must present their documents in person at the US Embassy. • The Embassy will hold your passport until processing has been completed. Do not book any travel abroad during the visa application stage. • Average processing time for J1 visa applications with the US consulate is 10-15 business days but may take longer. The Embassy will not prioritise or ‘fast track’ any visa applications. • Do not book your embassy interview until you have been told to book your interview by BUNAC • Wait until you have received confirmation of your visa appointment from the US Embassy before booking transport to your interview. Arriving into the USA • BUNAC aims to assist you with your arrival to America before your contract start date but is not responsible for delays caused by yourself, the US Embassy, the postal service or courier company. • On arrival into USA, you are required to apply for a US social security number. Your employer will help with this process. DS2019 • Your DS-2019 must be kept with your passport whilst in the USA. • BUNAC do not keep a copy of your DS-2019, and you may be asked to present it during any future applications to visit or work in the USA. BUNAC is not responsible for any applications held for additional processing or refused by the Embassy or any disrupted travel plans due to visa processing delays. BUNAC is unable provide refunds paid to the US Embassy under any circumstances. 7. ADDITIONAL PROGRAMME DOCUMENTATION AND FEES To participate on the Work America programme you will incur additional third party fees for a police criminal background check, US Embassy visa fee, travel costs to your US Embassy appointment (London or Belfast), and a return transatlantic flight if you are booked on to the Essentials program option. More information on specific 3rd party costs are listed here [https://www.bunac.org/working-holidays/usa/work-america/costs] 8. FLIGHTS Ultimate, flights included programme. If you are booked onto the Ultimate programme, flights included option BUNAC will arrange for a flight to be booked via our booking agent for you in accordance with your contract start date and information you have previously provided. Your flight will be booked with the booking agent to an airport destination specified by your employer. You must take all reasonable action to ensure that you remain able to travel on this date. If you fail to travel on the booked date of travel, any flight or date change fee’s charged by the booking agent and the airline will be passed on to you. If your employer requests that you fly in the day before your start date, you may be required to book arrival accommodation at your arrival destination. You should specific and plan your arrival details directly with your employer before you depart. The nature of the Work America programme means your travel dates will not be confirmed until you have a confirmed placement at a host employer. Your return dates will be agreed with you before the booking of your flight Essentials, no flights programme You should not arrange travel until you have a confirmed job and have been issued a J1 Summer Work & Travel visa. You must provide your booked travel information to BUNAC at least 72 hours before you intend to fly to ensure any required accommodation booking can be made for you. 9. INSURANCE Medical travel insurance is provided as part of the Summer Camp USA programme through Aetna Student Health/CIEE. Full information of your CIEE Insurance plan and the claims procedure can be found at [www.ciee.org/insurance](http://www.ciee.org/insurance) You should always carry the insurance card provided by CIEE in case treatment is needed in the USA. BUNAC arranges this insurance as an agent of CIEE and is not liable for any policy claims, coverage or refunds Note: there are exclusions on the CIEE insurance health policy for pre-existing health conditions. If you have a pre-existing health condition you will need to purchase additional coverage to ensure you are fully covered for your trip.