Terms & Conditions for Work New Zealand

Your Work New Zealand Program Conditions Your Work New Zealand program conditions are supplementary to the BUNAC general terms and conditions listed [here](https://bunac.org/terms-and-conditions). The BUNAC General Terms & Conditions are not limited or restricted by any points mentioned in the Work New Zealand program specific conditions which are set out below. 1. PROGRAM INCLUSIONS Work New Zealand Starter: 3 nights’ hostel accommodation, pre-departure support, optional visa processing and 12 months in-country support. Full programme inclusions are listed [here]( https://www.bunac.org/uk/work-abroad/working-holiday-packages/work-new-zealand/new-zealand/inclusions/essentials) Work New Zealand Ultimate: 7 nights’ accommodation, pre-departure support, optional visa processing, arrival week of activities and tours and 12 months in-country support. Full programme inclusions are listed [here](https://www.bunac.org/uk/work-abroad/working-holiday-packages/work-new-zealand/new-zealand/inclusions/ultimate) Work New Zealand Job Before You go: 3 night’s hostel accommodation, pre-departure support, optional visa processing and 12 months in-country support. Full programme inclusions are listed [here](https://www.bunac.org/new-zealand/programmes/work-new-zealand-job-before-you-go) 2. LIFETIME PROGRAM DEPOSIT The £100/$150 programme deposit is non-refundable, except in the case of your application being rejected by BUNAC when you will be subject to a £25/$30/30 refund administration cost. Your deposit is transferable to any other BUNAC programme up until you have paid your programme fees and your application is progressed, at which stage your deposit will be deemed used and therefore non-transferable. 3. PROGRAM COSTS AND PAYMENTS Non Refundable deposit payment due when booking - £100/$130/€120 Remaining program fees (due at least 10 weeks before departure) Starter: £189/$255/€300 (total cost : £289/$385/€420) Job Before you go: £399/$499/€464 (total cost : £499/$649/€579) Product Extras Optional programme extras can be purchased any time before departure. Add-on product information and pricing can be found on our website and cancellation fees are listed below. These additional add-ons will be booked to coincide with your arrival. Bookings are subject to availability. Cancellation fees for product extras WWOOF (Willing Workers on Organic Farms): 100% Cancellation fee once booked Skills and Thrills : Cancelled more than 14 days before departure = 50% cancellation fee Cancelled less than 14 days before departure = 100% Cancellation fee Accommodation upgrades BUNAC can extend the length of your arrival accommodation subject to availability. The additional costs will vary based on room type. Once booked, accommodation upgrades are non-refundable. 4. TRANSFERRING OR CHANGING YOUR BOOKING • Date changes for bookings more than 60 days prior to departure incur no cost • Date changes for bookings less than 60 days will incur a change fee of £45/$60/€50 • Any changes to product extras will incur the above changes fees, as well as any passed on by the supplier • All date changes are subject to availability • You can upgrade from the Starter programme to Ultimate programme up to 21 days before departure, subject to availability • You Work New Zealand booking is not transferable to another person 5. PROGRAM CANCELLATION Cancellations will not be acted on until confirmation by email has been received by BUNAC. Cancellation Fees are calculated as a % of your program fees paid (in addition to the non-refundable deposit) Cancellation received 30 days or less before departure : 100% Cancellation received 31-59 before departure : 75% Cancellation received 60-75 before departure : 50% Cancellation received 75 days+ before departure : £100 non-refundable deposit BUNAC are not liable for and cannot refund third party costs including police checks, travel costs, flights, medical costs, visa costs under any circumstances. 6. VISA VISA TYPE: 12-month Working Holiday Visa VISA ELIGIBLITY: 18-30 years old, holder of an eligible passport VISA SUPPORT FUNDS: $4200NZD (Additional $500NZD if travelling on a one-way ticket). You must prove access to these funds on arrival to New Zealand VISA CONDITIONS: Open working holiday visa. Maximum work duration is 12 months. 12 months to enter New Zealand once visa is issued. • Visas are issued at the discretion of New Zealand Immigration. • BUNAC do not accept responsibility for any costs incurred through a delay in visa processing or where a visa is refused. If your visa is refused the above programme and product extra cancellations conditions apply • The visa cost is set by Immigration New Zealand and is subject to change without notice. BUNAC will notify participants of any change to the advertised cost listed [here]( https://www.bunac.org/uk/work-abroad/working-holiday-packages/work-new-zealand/new-zealand/visas) o Where there is an increase in the visa cost, the participant will be responsible for meeting such costs. Working Holiday Visa information, estimated processing times and FAQ’s are listed by the New Zealand government [here](https://www.immigration.govt.nz/new-zealand-visas/options/work/thinking-about-coming-to-new-zealand-to-work/working-holiday-visa) 7. ADDITIONAL PROGRAMME DOCUMENTATION AND FEES To apply for your New Zealand Working Holiday Visa you may be required to submit a police criminal background check or medical examinations. This could lead to additional third-party fees and delays to your application. Typical reasons for needing a medical include (but not limited to); • You have or have had tuberculosis • Have a pre-existing medical condition which may require hospitalisation during your stay • Are pregnant or intend to give birth in New Zealand • Intend to stay in New Zealand for 6 months or more and have spent six consecutive months in a country with a high incidence of tuberculosis You are required to disclose information relating to existing medical conditions, criminal history, nationality and occupation during the initial application stage so BUNAC can determine if you will be required to submit extra documents and how it will affect your application processing time. 8. FLIGHTS You are required to communicate your travel date to New Zealand to BUNAC at least 4 weeks before your arrival date so the necessary arrangements can be made for your arrival accommodation. BUNAC are not responsible for any flight changes, delays or cancellations. 9. INSURANCE Travel insurance is mandatory for all BUNAC participants. Please refer to our [General Terms and Conditions](https://bunac.org/terms-and-conditions)