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The questions answered here cover a wide range of topics, however if you have any queries not addressed below we encourage you to contact us.


Do many people travel on their own?

Yes. On average 80% of participants taking part in the Work New Zealand program travel out alone (and come back with friends all over the world!)

When should I book the program?

We recommend that you book as soon as possible as places are available on a first-come first-served basis!

What will it cost?

You can find a breakdown of costs here.

As you will be on a working holiday, you will earn a local salary whilst away. Most participants use this to cover daily living costs and with careful budgeting can save money to put toward travelling around New Zealand.

I am planning to use the Work New Zealand program as part of a round-the-world trip. Can I spend time in other countries on my way to New Zealand?

Yes, if you book your own flights you can arrange an itinerary to meet your own unique requirements. You must arrive in New Zealand within 12 months of the visa being issued.


How will you help me find a job?

Our Work New Zealand Handbook has useful tips that will help you prepare for the job hunt. On arrival in Auckland IEP’s resource center will provide you with free job boards, computers, free internet and knowledgeable staff. They will help you get your tax number and set up a bank account (both essential for potential employers).

With our Job Before You Go program, we will set you up with a job before you take off!

What kind of work do people do?

Most participants work in retail, hospitality, agriculture (e.g. fruit picking/harvesting) or office temping. Typical jobs include serving in pubs and bars, waiting tables in restaurants and cafes, working in shops and supermarkets, housekeeping and reception work in hotels and hostels, and data entry and customer service roles.

BUNAC products and services

We are able to offer a full range of travel and support products including insurance and work support, as well as accommodation and assistance with your visa application while undertaking your working adventure worldwide. However, all of these services are optional and can be purchased independently of our free assistance with finding a job. Our job-finding service is not conditional upon you using any of these products.


How many nights accommodation do the programs provide?
  • Starter  - 3 nights accommodation

You can upgrade your arrival accommodation by an extra 5 nights.

Can I reserve a twin room in Auckland?

Subject to availability and an upgrade fee we can arrange twin accommodation for you and your partner/friend in Auckland. Please contact us for more information.

Where will I live?

Most participants live in hostels or rent shared flats/houses. It is common for people to share with other participants they meet on the program. Vacant properties and rooms are advertised online, in local newspapers, hostel notice boards and in IEP’s resource office.

Do I have to stay in Auckland?

Auckland provides a good base to start your trip, but the visa allows you to work anywhere in New Zealand; North Island or South, winter ski resorts or summer beaches, office temping or countryside farming.


When will I have to pay my full program fee by?

Once you pay a deposit on to the program, a member of the team in New Zealand will be in touch for a pre-screen interview. Once you have completed your pre-screen then your full balance will be due before your interview with Mount Ruapehu.

What if I am not successful after my interview with Mount Ruapehu?

If you are not successful after interviewing with Mount Ruapehu then BUNAC will be able to switch you over to our Starter program and refund the difference in program fee.

When will interviews take place?

Resort interviews will take place throughout February and March.

When does the New Zealand ski season run?

Contract dates are from June until October.


How do I know which visa to use?

If you have never had a Working Holiday visa for New Zealand and if you are 30 or under, you should apply for the Working Holiday visa.

What support funds do I need?

For the Working Holiday Visa you'll need $4,200 NZD on entry into New Zealand. If you're travelling on a one-way flight, you'll need an extra £500 on top of this.

How long do I have to stay?

There is no minimum stay; however we recommend a trip of at least three months. Short trips will need careful planning to ensure you see and do everything that you want to. Finding work may be harder as you will only be able to commit to an employer for a short time. Crop picking and harvest work are ideal for short stay trips.  The IEP Exchange Visa is available to British, Irish and US passport holders for a maximum stay of 12 months.

Can I apply for a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa from the Channel Islands or Isle of Man?

Unfortunately if you have a passport from the Channel Island or the Isle of Man you are unable to apply for a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa.