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Jobs in Australia

A huge part of your work and travel experience in Australia is the work! Whether you are on the Essentials or Ultimate program our team in Australia will be there to help you find as many jobs as you want, all over Australia, for the full duration of your stay.

We have offices in Sydney and Melbourne for you to come into, and you can call, email or WhatsApp us wherever you are.

Work support inclusions

  • Comprehensive job presentation in your first week
  • 1-to-1 employment meeting + CV writing assistance
  • 10 printed copies of your CV
  • Exclusive tips, resources, and guidance towards finding a job and farm work in Australia
  • Lifetime access to employer database – with jobs in sectors such as hospitality, retail, construction, sales, and marketing and many more
  • Weekly update email that highlights the most recent jobs and farm work opportunities that week
  • Interview question advice
  • Bank Account set up
  • Tax File Number set up
  • Australian sim card
  • Discounted RSA/RSG courses.

COVID-19 specific

With COVID-19 and its effect on the global jobs market, we believe it’s even more important to have the right support you’ll need to work in Australia. Our expert team will be able to guide you to jobs that are recruiting backpackers, so you can find work quickly and start earning some Aussie $$$ to support your trip.

Due to the lack of immigration in 2020 our in-country partners have informed us there are lots of jobs available in the agriculture and hospitality industry as and when the borders open.