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Do many people travel on their own?

Yes. On average 80% of BUNAC customers travel on their own.

When should I book?

When you’re ready. Planning a work abroad can take 12 months + to organise, but you can also book 2-3 months before you want to depart. Spots on our Ultimate weeks are on a first-come first-served basis, so if you’ve got your heart set on a certain date we would recommend securing your date with a deposit.

What will it cost?

You can find a full breakdown of costs on our costs page.

When do I have to pay?

You can reserve your space on the program with a deposit. Any outstanding costs must be paid no later than 10 weeks before your departure date.


How much do I need in support funds?

Australian Immigration explain that you should be prepared to show evidence on arrival of access to support funds. Please see our visa page for information on the amount you will require for each type of visa.

Funds can be AU$ or equivalent. You are not obliged to spend this money in Australia (we expect you’ll be earning during your trip) but it reassures immigration that you have appropriate funds to support yourself for your initial stay. The funds can be either in your name or provided by a guarantor (such as a parent).

Can I extend my working holiday visa?

If you work for 3 months or more in the agricultural industry, you can apply for a 12-month visa extension. This agricultural work will need to be paid to count towards your 2nd year visa. Our partners in Australia will be able to assist you in applying for your extension.

Accommodation and living in Australia

Does the Work Australia program include accommodation?
  • Essentials - 3 nights' accommodation
  • Ultimate - 7 nights' accommodation

You can upgrade your accommodation by 2 or 5 extra nights, prices can be found here.

Can I reserve a twin room in the hostel?

Subject to availability and an upgrade fee we can arrange twin accommodation for you and your travel partner/friend in Sydney or Melbourne. Please contact BUNAC for more information.

Where will I live?

Most participants live in hostels or rent shared flats/houses. It is common for people to share with other participants you meet on the programme. Vacant properties and rooms are advertised online, in local newspapers and hostel notice boards.


How long will it take to find a job?

On average it takes our participants 2-4 weeks to find a job. This is based on a few factors including actively searching and applying for jobs daily, applying for backpacker specific roles and using the support centres to help in your job hunt.

How much will I earn?

The minimum wage in Australia for 21+ year old is $19.84.

What sort of jobs will I find?

Jobs typical tend to be in hospitality, retail, customer service and agriculture. Our team will be able to help you find roles in these industries throughout Australia.

I want to do a job related to my degree, is this possible?

You can work in any industry on your working holiday visa. However, it is harder to secure a job related to your career as you’ll be up against Australians also looking for those roles. This isn’t to say it’s not possible but expect to spend longer in your job search. We find that most of our customers going to Australia looking for a career job fall in love with a certain place and will happily work in a casual job for a few months to enjoy living the Aussie lifestyle and save for onwards travelling.

COVID Specific

Are the Working Holiday visas application open yet?

As of January 2021, the visa applications for Australia are still closed. However, once you book onto the programme we will let you know as soon as visa applications open, in addition to any potential new visa requirements specific to COVID-19.

Will I need to quarantine on arrival?

This will all depend on when you are travelling and what rules are imposed by the Australian Government. We will ensure you are informed and supported in following any of these rules on arrival into Australia. Currently all arrivals into Australia must quarantine.

Will it be harder to find a job?

Certain industries in Australia’s need employees, even during COVID-19. Permitting you are flexible with the type of work you do and where, we are confident our in-country support team will find you a job shortly after arriving into Australia. Check out what life is like living and working on a farm.

What if my plans change due to COVID-19?

If your plans change due to COVID-19 restrictions, you have 2 options;

  • Change the date as many times as you like free of charge


  • You may be covered under our COVID-19 booking promise. Full T&Cs here.