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Why do a working holiday UK?

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The UK may be pint-sized, but like all good (warm) British pints, it packs a punch. In many respects, it’s the fairy tale kingdom you imagine it to be – home to crumbling Medieval castles, ancient stone circles and regal stately homes. But within those castle walls, there’s a wild side. With a music and arts scene that makes history, a culinary and craft beer culture that sets trends, and a summer-long festival circuit that sells out box offices. 

It’s also one of the most multicultural places in the world, with a renowned work hard/play hard attitude and plenty of casual or career job opportunities to improve your CV – and your social life. Plus, working holidaymakers get the royal treatment – with 24 months to work, or longer if you qualify for a UK Ancestry visa.

Open for business

Open for business

Open for business

Home to creative cities, quaint towns and biscuit tin countryside, a UK working holiday is a rite of passage for travellers. Our 4-day Essential UK program sets you up with everything you need to get your working holiday off to a flying start including visa assistance, job support, hostel accommodation, UK bank account set up, and more.

The need to know

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The need to know before you go

While we have BUNAC offices all over the world, we were born and raised in Blighty – which means there’s nothing about living and working in the UK that we don’t know. (Or are willing to eat/drink/do to find out).


We guide you through your visa application, and include all the working holiday essentials such as your National Insurance number.

We take the stress out of finding a job, with comprehensive job support when you land and for the whole two years of your visa.

Our London BUNAC team get your firmly in the friendzone, with WhatsApp groups, walking tours, day trips and nights out.

4 things you may

The name calling

Pet, duck, cocker, tinker, geezer, love, chum – all just polite signs that someone from regional Britain has forgotten your name.

The place names

If Worcestershire wasn’t hard enough for non-Brits to pronounce, try saying Sandy Balls, Cockfosters or Bell End with a straight face.

The dry humour

Sarcasm, irony, banter, satire... the weather in the UK may be wet, but the humour is always dry. And usually directed at themselves.

The ‘Britishness’

The constant apologising, the willingness to queue, the belief that tea can cure everything? All just part of what makes Britain so great.

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