Work A Ski Season In Japan Work Japan

Ultimate Ski gives you the awesome chance to work a ski season in Japan. If you are looking for an extraordinary experience in a wonderfully diverse and culturally rich location; Ultimate Ski Japan is the perfect program for you. By choosing this program you'll be joining thousands of other happy BUNACers, securing a great job before leaving the UK, living and working in a popular ski resort in Japan.

This program is very popular, so we recommend booking as early as possible to ensure you don't miss out. Interviews for jobs starting in November 2021 are scheduled for June and July, so get your Skis on and book your spot on Ultimate Ski today!

You'll receive:

- A pre-arranged job prior to your arrival in Japan

- Accommodation while working

- Arrival orientation that covers everything from opening a bank account to finding work and a place to live

- Free or discounted ski passes (with some employers)

- Access to a job database, job support and resume workshops

- for future opportunities after your Ski season

- Emergency assistance with work permits, visas and passports if needed

- Plus all of the one week essentials program inclusions, check those out here

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