Why volunteer with BUNAC?

BUNAC's history

BUNAC was established in 1962 and is today recognized as a market leader in coordinating high quality, ethical volunteering programs abroad. With over 50 years’ experience, and now providing volunteering programs in Africa, Asia and the Americas, BUNAC’s expertise in establishing sustainable volunteer projects is unrivaled.

Program Costs

Why pay to volunteer?

BUNAC is committed to coordinating projects that we are certain are genuinely worthwhile to local communities. This means that a good deal of time and money is invested in identifying local partners, establishing projects and constantly monitoring the programs. Volunteers have the peace of mind that they are provided with 24/7 support from our local partners, and fees also cover services such as airport pickup, orientations and excursions. Further to this, accommodation and food is provided.

Paying to volunteer means that volunteers make a valuable financial contribution to underprivileged communities as well contributing their time, and ensures that they receive expert help and support both in the UK and while they are away.

Your Safety


As a BUNAC volunteer, you will have support before you start your adventure by a BUNAC advisor who will help you organize your trip. Once arrived in country, you will have on-going support from our local partner organisation who will look after you. Also, all volunteers will have 24/7 emergency contacts and phone numbers.

In-country support

Volunteers can be met at the airport by our local partners and will be given their arrival orientation session, through which they are introduced to local culture and customs and given all the essential details about life on the project. BUNAC’s in-country partners ensure that the projects run smoothly and that volunteers are happy and safe.


Projects are sourced by our in-country partners, who are able to identify local needs. It is important that we are not taking away jobs from local people, but instead are adding new skills and experience to share with the community. Working closely with our in-country partners, we are able to ensure that our projects are carefully monitored, that volunteers can make a real contribution and that the resources are in place to ensure that volunteers work in a safe, secure environment.