Ultimate Ski FAQs

How many hours will I work?

Generally you will be working five days per week for around 40 hours.

When will I start working?

The ealriest that employers witll expect you to be in Niesko is Novemeber and you will be expected to work the ski season up until April. This may differ slightly depending on the employer.

What is the interview process?

After paying for your deposit we will arange for you to have a skype interview with your potential employers. This is likely to happen in the summer but once you have started the application process you will be given more details.

What kind of visa will I need?

To live and work in Japan you will need to apply for a working holiday visa, check out the visa requirements.

Is housing provided?

Yes, housing is provided and subsidised to suit different budgets to provide affordable accommodation. You will receive more details on this once you have started the application process.

What can I do after the ski season ends?

After the winter season ends you will still be able to work and travel around Japan as long as you have time left on your visa. You will be receiving the many benefits of BUNAC's Work Japan Essentials program which will help you to find work around Japan.

Do I have to speak Japanese?

Speaking Japanese is not essential but its always good to know communication basics, you are able to take part in a language course that will help you to fully immerse yourself in your Japanese experience.