# What are transferable & soft-skills? Transferable and soft-skills are core skills and abilities that are relevant to a number of different jobs and industries. Throughout our lives we are continuously learning and developing these whether it is at school, university, the workplace, or even as part of your social life. Gaining and developing a range of transferable and soft-skills is essential in today’s ever increasingly competitive and international job market. Some of the most desirable soft-skills to possess, include: - Communication - Strong work ethic - Self-confidence - Leadership - Ability to work individually or as part of a team - Time management - Ability to work and cope under pressure - Adaptability ## How can traveling abroad help my career? In today’s growing international economy, employers want to see that you have experience and are comfortable communicating with those of varying cultures and backgrounds. Gaining an international network while working, interning or volunteering abroad will help you progress professionally, potentially opening some very important doors, not to mention strengthening your sense of independence that each experience provides. ## Benefits of a gap year & working abroad Whether you go on a gap year before or after university, a gap year abroad offers you plenty of benefits, including the chance to learn new transferable skills in preparation for your future employment. A gap year will also enable you to develop stronger communication skills and gain a greater sense of confidence and independence. It also demonstrates to future employers that you are not afraid to get out of your comfort zone and possess adaptability in new and stressful situations. ## Soft-skills gained from an internship abroad Whether you are undertaking an internship program abroad, there are numerous benefits, and the value of international internships should never be underestimated. Not only will you be learning and developing the transferable skills detailed above, but you will also be learning and developing professional skills, especially if you undertake a professional internship.