Get a real insight into the traditional Thai culture as you live alongside local communities off the beautiful coastal province of Phang Nga. As part of the volunteer team, you’ll provide invaluable teaching support to the local community. Classrooms in the area are often overcrowded and your presence will be required to help teachers ease their workload, give the children some extra attention and more exposure to spoken English. You may be teaching with fellow volunteers, assisting local Thai teachers or occasionally teaching your own classes. As the area’s tourism industry is growing, English teachers are in high demand. Most jobs in the area are in the tourism industry, so by providing English support you are helping improve the future of these children.


  • 5 hours of intro to TEFL methodology (classroom management/ lesson planning)
  • Provide English language classes, both formal and informal at local schools
  • Other classes and activities may include running after-school activities
  • Opportunity to lead summer camp activities during school holidays
  • Thai language lessons

You'll witness the children’s progression during your time on the project. Your days can be long and challenging at times but the sense of achievement and the families appreciation of your support will make it worth it. You are guaranteed to make a genuine difference to the lives of the local Thai children.

Experiencing life in a small Thai fishing village is also an extraordinarily unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture, food and lifestyle.

School Holiday Periods

  • From mid-March to the end of May many schools are shut and there are no formal lessons - volunteers will partake in alternative teaching activities instead!
  • During Thai New Year (mid April) many businesses, schools, banks, shops, etc are closed. Cultural events and excursions will be organised in place.
  • There will also be a break for the month of October between school terms