Teach South Korea is an unparalleled opportunity to spend 12 months living and teaching English in South Korea. With a high earning potential, fascinating culture and diverse landscape, South Korea is the perfect work and travel destination.

What is Teach in South Korea?

Earn your TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) qualification in the vibrant city of Seoul.
With a guaranteed job placement once you've completed your TESOL, you’ll begin teaching, typically in a private language school.

Why Teach In South Korea?

  • Expect a monthly wage of up to £1,474 ($1700-1900USD) – so not only will you be able to cover your living costs, there is the potential to save whilst you’re there
  • South Korea is exceptionally modern, has a fascinating culture and has a vibrant expat community
  • Your school will source and pay for your studio apartment accommodation whilst you teach
  • You will recieve a $1,000 flight reimbursement after you've completed your second month of teaching
  • Paid vacation time and public holidays
  • Lots of weekend travel opportunities (within South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and beyond!)
  • After your 12-month contract comes to an end you'll receive a bonus of one month’s salary, and with places like Japan and the Philippines a short plane ride away there’s no need to end that travel journey just yet!
  • The opportunity to extend / renew your teaching contract beyond 12 months whilst in South Korea (which also increases your salary earning potential).