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Summer Camp USA cost and inclusions

Summer Camp in America inclusions

  • Pre-arranged job placement at a summer camp in America.
  • A final summer camp salary of USD $2000.
  • All food and accommodation whilst at summer camp.
  • Entry to BUNAC’s Covid-safe Summer Camp USA job fair.
  • Pre-departure orientation day to prepare you for camp life.
  • One-on-one support securing your visas and interviews.
  • 24/7 help on the ground from our partners in the USA.
  • Your first night’s accommodation when you land.
  • Medical insurance during your camp placement.
  • Your SEVIS US Government fee worth USD $35.
  • Best friends, mad skills and awesome times.


Do you get paid to do summer camp in America? Yes!

Irrespective of your age, skills or camp locations, as a first timer you’ll earn USD $2000 spending money at camp. This is at least $250 more than other summer camp USA operators.

How? We work with the largest and oldest work abroad non-profit in America, which means we can pass on any savings to our travellers.

Why? For us, Summer Camp USA is all about community, inclusion and accessibility. As soon as you put that ‘Staff’ t-shirt on, everybody is equal.

How much is Summer Camp in America?

The cost of summer camp USA depends on whether it’s your first time at camp or you’re a returner. This is because our returning Camp Counsellors have already been through some of the sponsorship and placement checks and criteria.

You never forget your first time.

First timer costs payable to BUNAC.

Application stage First timer program
Deposit £49 / €59 / NZD $100 / AUD$100
After successful interview £166 / €191 / NZD $325 /AU$325
After successful summer camp placement £135 / €155 / NZD $274 /AUD$274
Grand total £350 / €405 / NZD$699 /AUD$699

We know what you did last summer.

Returner costs payable to BUNAC.

Application stage Returner program
Total cost £299 / €335 / NZD$699 /AUD$699

As an experienced Camp Counsellor, you’ll negotiate your salary directly with your camp. Note: If you've had more than one Returner Camp Counsellor J-1 visa, then your camp will be charged an additional fee USD $200 fee which they may pass onto you.

Other costs to consider
Police Background Check Varies depending on nationality - UK £55
US Embassy interview fee $160 USD
Proof of support funds $800 USD. You don’t need to pay this, just be able to prove that you have access to it.
Flights and insurance Varies. Medical cover is included while at camp, but you might want to consider an additional travel insurance policy to cover for cancellations, flights, belongings etc.