COVID-19 Work Abroad Update - USA

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COVID-19 Work Abroad Update - USA

**(updated 18/10/2021)

The US government announced that entry into the United States for all fully vaccinated travellers will be possible from November 8th 2021.

This includes anyone travelling with an ESTA visa waiver, or on a J1/BridgeUSA programme such as Work America or Summer Camp USA.

Once travel to the USA resumes for vaccinated travellers, it is expected that visa operations at local embassies will also resume and that summer 2022 programmes will operate as normal.

Entry or participation in a US based BUNAC programme will not be possible for any unvaccinated travellers at this time.

COVID- 19 additional precautions

The Summer Camp USA and Work America programmes will start from June 2022. At this time, COVID-19 restrictions and quarantine rules are constantly evolving. Your safety is paramount, so we will ensure a comprehensive COVID-19 plan based on the camp or employer you are working for is in place and communicated to you prior to your departure.

What if my programme gets cancelled?

Please see here for further information on our COVID-19 Booking Promise.