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Your New Zealand travel bucket list

New Zealand according to native Kiwi and BUNAC team member Jen - here’s her tried and tested top five things to do on your New Zealand working holiday.

1. Spontaneous road trips

Feel the freedom of hopping into your car and exploring the open road. By driving and stopping at cool, hidden places along the way (perhaps only accessible by car), not only will you see incredible views to rake in those Instagram likes but you'll also get the freedom to explore off the beaten track. Make sure you drive to places the tourist buses don’t go, make your own timetable and choose your own car tunes to play at your leisure!

Jen says: “I have found so many secret treasures on my road trips which I wouldn’t have ever found from flying! Some of these hold my fondest memories, so this is definitely a top choice when exploring New Zealand."

2. White water rafting in Tongariro

With this being one of the most popular adventure activities in New Zealand, it’s a most do on your bucket list. You get to spend 2-2.5 hours on the river, travelling around 14km through a volcanic gorge. The Tongariro river is so clean that you can actually drink the water! Be sure not to miss the beautiful hidden waterfalls that surround the river and the rare sighting of some whistling ducks.

Jen says: “At first I thought that white water rafting was not my kind of idea of fun, but I can tell you I love it so such I've now done this all over New Zealand. With New Zealand being one of the top places in the world to this adventure sport, you have to experience it - no buts."

3. Classic New Zealand wine trails

With some of the most famous wines coming from New Zealand these trails allow you to explore some significant regions that hold stunning scenery, beautiful forests and indulgent food experiences. You can get tasting delicious wine in more than 120 cellar doors holding the famous Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Nori and Sauvignon Blanc.

Jen says: “New Zealand offers some of the world's most famous wines, so tasting them is a must. It’s also a great way to explore regions that hold such beauty.”

4. Face the fear on the world's highest swing (300m arc)

With the world’s highest swing located next to the Nevis Bungy jump, if you don’t fancy jumping you can just take the swing option instead. Forwards, backwards, alone or even with a friend, you really will find yourself accelerating through the valleys. It's an experience not to be missed!

Jen says: “A bungy jump is something I knew I couldn’t bring myself to do, but with the swing I could do it with a friend and still experience such an adrenaline rush. Not only was this a unique experience it is definitely one to tell the grandchildren about."

5. Hot pools are pretty cool

No matter what you're planning do to in New Zealand, you should seriously consider adding geothermal hot pools to your list. With the North Island of New Zealand loaded with volcanoes, the hot pools are a very pleasant side effect. Finding hot pools where you least expect them is just like finding some treasure on your quest around New Zealand.

Jen says: “I loved completely embracing the natural surroundings of the hot pools. I would recommend that you explore not only the paid and developed hot pools but also get out to the free and untouched hot pools for a relaxing day out."


From guiding you through the visa process to hooking you up with a job, accommodation and new mates when you land, we put the work and holiday into working holiday. Start planning your New Zealand working holiday today with just a deposit.

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