Australia v. New Zealand – which gap year is best?

Australia v. New Zealand – which gap year is best?

It's the age old question... where do you go for your gap year: Australia or New Zealand?!

What's the weather like?

If you're looking to chase the sun the first thing that comes to mind is Australia. With its sweltering summers and warm winters it seems like a no brainer... But don't be fooled into thinking the whole of Oz has 365 days of summer - a winter in Melbourne is a chilly affair. 

The winner: We love you New Zealand, but even a chilly few month in Melbourne doesn’t equate to ski worthy Kiwi winters!

Australia: 1 / New Zealand: 0

Where has the best beaches?

New Zealand has some stunning beaches, but let’s face it, it’s going to be hard to beat Sydney’s Bondi and Coogee beaches, Broome’s Cable beach and the Whitsunday’s Whitehaven beach.

The winner: It’s a no brainer - Australia wins this one hands down, no explanation required.  

Australia: 2 / New Zealand: 0

What is the cost of living?

It's often said that the cost of living in Australia is higher than New Zealand, but with Australia's minimum wage sitting at over $20 an hour, while New Zealand’s is down at $14.75 it's pretty safe to say it's a close race...



Milk: $1.75 

Milk: $1.47

Beer: $5.78       

Beer: $8.00

Cup of coffee: $4.00 

Cup of coffee: $4.04

The winner: Based on the price of beer alone, New Zealand wins this one.

Australia: 2 / New Zealand: 1

Will I meet lots of people?

Australia's east coast may be built for backpackers, but don't underestimate good ol' New Zealand. With an extensive network of chain and independent hostels, as well as famous hop-on-hop-off bus networks, you’ll be sure to meet like-minded people in no time!

The winner: It's a draw... your equal mentalities and love of the road will bring you and your fellow backpackers together no matter where you are.

Australia: 2 / New Zealand: 1

What can I tick off my bucket list?

With New Zealand known as the world capital for adrenalin pumping activities, it's easy to assume it will sweep relaxed Australia under the rug... but let’s not give up on Oz right away, with the Great Barrier Reef and Ayers Rock, Australia is putting up a fight!



Auckland Bridge Bungy       


Queenstown’s Canyon Swing        

The Great Barrier Reef


Ramsay Street from Neighbours

White Water Rafting


White Water Rafting


The winner: As much as we love Neighbours (and the Great Barrier Reef, of course), do they beat Hobbiton and a canyon swing? Nope. 

Australia: 2 / New Zealand: 2

So, to conclude… Australia and New Zealand are both incredible… you’re just going to have to do a working holiday in both!

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