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Your top 10 Summer Camp USA questions answered

Are you interested in Summer Camp USA but not sure whether you should book? Here’s the 10 most common reasons people have told us they can’t go to Summer Camp USA and how we’ve changed their mind.

  1. What if I can't afford it?

At BUNAC we try and keep our fees as low as possible and are the cheapest flights-included programme in the UK! You can book on to our Summer Camp USA programme for just £499 - return flights to the UK included! We’ve split this across three convenient payments to spread the cost from now until you head out to the States.

  1. I don’t think I’ve got enough experience with children?

You might have more experience than you think! Have you played sports? Are you part of a team where you coach others? Did you volunteer in your local community? There’s also still plenty of time to boost your experience!

  1. I love working with children but I’m not sure I can teach a specific skill ..

Summer Camps can’t run on Activity Counsellors alone! You can also get hired for Summer Camp USA as a General Camp Counsellor? You’ll live and breathe the authentic Summer Camp USA experience, working with groups of children aged 6-16. From wake-ups to meal times, escorting campers to sailing lessons and camp-wide bonfires, your job is to make the day-to-day Summer Camp life tick along without a hitch.

  1. But my graduation is this summer – won’t I miss it?

Although a lot of universities have their graduation ceremony in the summer months, the good news is that they’ll often have another during the winter months too. Why not attend the winter ceremony and get both the Summer Camp and graduation Insta-worthy shots?

  1. I've never travelled that far away from home, let alone by myself … can I do it?

The good news is, you’re not alone - everyone is in the same situation! You’ll make amazing friends, and we’ll also aim to book you on the same flight as everyone else flying out to Summer Camp that day.

  1. I don't know the dates of my exams yet – how can I plan a summer away?

Why not check with your university and see when the exams for your course have been for the previous two years? That’ll give you a good idea of when yours might be and if you’re free before 20th June, get signed up!

  1. What if I don't get placed? I don't want to lose my money ...

BUNAC offer a 100% placement guarantee or your money back! We’re so confident that we can find you a placement, that if you’re not placed by the end of the season, we’ll refund you the fees paid to BUNAC.

  1. I need to do something this summer that will be beneficial for my career – how can Summer Camp add to my CV?

Not only will you make lifelong friends, enjoy great travel experiences and earn some extra pocket money, but Summer Camp USA is also going to help make your CV shine! If you want a career that involves working with children, there is no other job that has as many contact hours with children than being a Camp Counsellor. Even if your future career plans don't involve children, the international experience and transferable skills you’ll gain will make you more employable after a summer at camp.

  1. I'm no longer a student, have I left it too late?

Absolutely not! You don’t need to be a student for the program. Even if you graduated a couple of years ago, you’re not too late. The majority of applicants are aged between 18-27, so take the leap and head out to Summer Camp whilst you have the opportunity to.

  1. There are so many agencies, why should I book with BUNAC?

An excellent question! We’ve sent over 400,000+ people overseas since we started in 1962, and America was our very first destination. We pride ourselves on our Gold Standard service of dealing with our applicants on an individual basis. Not only that, we offer the cheapest flights-included package in the UK, whilst still allowing you to earn up to the highest pocket money of $2k.

Have we managed to answer your Summer Camp USA questions ? If so, what are you waiting for? Book your summer of a lifetime now or if you still have some questions you can chat to our expert camp team at 00333 0148484.

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