Not just the summer of a lifetime

Emily shares her summer camp experience with us, but did it live up to Emily's expectations? Read on to find out...

Imagine waking up every morning knowing you get to be a child again. That today you may make a life size tree out of chicken wire, climb to the top of the rock wall or canoe on the lake. That has been my reality for the past two summers working at summer camp - and it is all thanks to BUNAC.

I applied the day applications opened in the autumn of 2011, and quickly grabbed an interview slot in Southampton for a couple of weeks later. My enthusiasm was infectious and my new university friends had to listen to my excited ramblings about my possible camp for the next few weeks. My dreams were realised when I was offered a position just a few weeks after my initial interview - and, after a long phone call with my soon to be boss, I was all set and ready to go. 

Now the long 7 month wait began; through lectures and exams I would regularly find myself wondering to camp and my summer adventures to come. But really, would it live up to my expectations? The short answer was of course - YES!

Whilst camp was a tougher and more exciting ride than I had imagined, it was also a thousand times more amazing, and I did not hesitate when returning for my second summer. I learnt so much during my time at camp; from how best to tie-dye a shirt, to talking to my girls about their first crushes. It was, and still is an experience that I would not change for anything.

For me the three travel weeks following camp have been as equally life changing; exploring the USA and Canada with both camp friends as well as my fellow Trekkies (what else do you call friends made on Trek America trips!) has been an amazing experience. The friends I have made remain some of my closest friends to this day; even if I have only spent a few weeks in one small van with them.

Travelling on your own, not only to another country, but to another continent (no matter how apparently similar to Britain) can seem like a daunting prospect; however BUNAC are fundamental in making the process as seamless and easy as possible.

From meeting your fellow flight friends at the airport, to the taxi cab driver who will take you back to the airport at the end of your adventure your trip will be filled with the people, places, and most importantly moments that will turn your summer experiences into fantastic lifelong memories.

 Want the summer of a lifetime like Emily? Give our team a call on 0207 870 9570 to find out more about Summer Camp Exchange USA.

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