NFL Internship in London!

NFL fanatic and Vikings fan Jessica Frieder has just finished her internship in London working at NFL International Ltd. Being an athlete herself Jessica brought her passion for sports with her from the US and used it to gain valuable work experience in sponsorship marketing. Working in Oxford Circus she developed many skills, especially in communication, and was able to get a real insight into what happens behind the scenes for the famous NFL events at Wembley Stadium. She got involved in match day operations and was even lucky enough to meet VIP sponsors!

Jessica particularly loved living and working in central London and had made so many new friends. She told us that:

“Working in London had made me become more independent and feel more confident.”

Before coming to London she was still unsure of what she wanted to do in the future however having completed the internship she stated that:

“It has definitely shaped what I now want to do for a career in the US.”

She loved it so much in London that she has no doubt that she will return soon!

Want to find out more about our Intern in Britain program? Contact one of the BUNAC team here.

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