My experiences working at a ski resort in Whistler, Canada

Our awesome BUNACer Elisha is currently living it up in the ski town of Whistler, British Columbia on our Ultimate programme. She’s been busy working at an amazing restaurant at the resort (and picking up Employee of the Month!), making loads of friends and exploring everything Canada has to offer. Sit back and prepare to have major FOMO from her adventures across the pond.

Hey Elisha! Tell us, what drew you to working in Canada?

My Canadian journey started from a very young age. I'm quite the explorer; I enjoy hikes, snowboarding, mountain biking, canoeing and photography so I wanted to see what Canada had to offer, which I have not regretted since being here! Also, the cities, the mountains, the lakes, the canyons, the people and of course the poutine - what is there not to love about Canada?!

How did you start your BUNAC journey?

I decided to take the leap and apply for my Canadian Visa through BUNAC and their team helped me out so much with the application. They also discussed job roles with possible employers and even helped me out with booking flights. They are such a great support system and helped me out with the stressful tasks of the application!

How did you get your job in Canada?

After speaking with the team, I thought best to attend their Work Canada Ultimate Job Fair in August. They flew employers from huge ski resorts in Canada to London to hire international staff – it was such a great way to actually meet with the employers before starting my ski season! My first choice of employer was Four Seasons Resort in Whistler. I applied to be a hostess and was successful in the interview! I was really pleased as I knew my Canadian adventure was just about to start within a matter of months.

How are you finding your time in Canada?

I've been in Canada for eight months now - even though it's so cliche to say I'm literally living a dream! Whilst in Vancouver I stayed in a hostel that BUNAC organised for me and I was able to go on day trips within the hostel. I visited places such a Lynn Canyon, Capilano Suspension Bridge, Granville Island and Stanley Park. I even got to watch my first ever hockey match which was Vancouver Canucks vs Las Vegas Knights. The atmosphere in the arena was completely indescribable and I can't wait to watch more hockey matches!

Tell us a bit about the place you’re living!

I'm currently based in a quaint little town called Whistler and it's the most beautiful place I've ever visited. It's one of the top ski resorts in North America and I live just under two mountains: Blackcomb Mountain and Whistler Mountain. I’m also based about a 10 minute walk from Lost lake which is stunning both in the winter and summer. I have so much adventure on my door step!

Tell us a bit about your job at Four Seasons in Whistler!

I currently work as a hostess at The Sidecut restaurant at the resort. The job is very rewarding and I enjoy greeting and making the guests feel welcome whilst they are staying at the resort. Also delivering five star service at all times of course. I thoroughly enjoy my job and I received Employee of the Month as well which was really rewarding. My team are so wonderful to work with and I'm incredibly lucky to have made some really good friends so far on my Canadian journey.

Any advice for someone considering working in Canada?

Canada has so much to offer and I have the biggest list imaginable of things I'd like to do whilst I'm out here. As everyone says, adventure is out there!

How do you fancy embarking on your own Canadian adventure like Elisha? For more information feel free to contact the BUNAC team, or you can start your booking here.