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10 reasons to do a working holiday in Western Australia

We’re not going to beat around the Australian bush. Western Australia (WA) is hot for working holidaymakers right now. And not just because it’s Australia’s sunniest state. With tons of jobs available, scenery that will blow your socks and sandals combo off, and work support from yours truly when you arrive, it’s a working holiday like no other.

Plus, our partners at the Western Australia government will give you up to £1,200* just for rocking up and doing part of your working holiday visa there.

Here’s why when it comes to working Down Under, west is best. 

1. Get up to £1,200*

One of the main things we hear from our community is, I could never afford to do a working holiday in Australia. Well, the travel gods have heard your cry. For a limited time, the Western Australia government will pay you up to $2,000 AUD to work and travel in WA. Eligible applicants will receive an allowance of $40 per night for six weeks towards accommodation and a maximum allowance of $500 towards travel expenses. Which in pounds, amounts to around £1,200*. To apply, you will need to have been employed for two consecutive weeks in a designated industry in regional WA.

2. Heaps of fun jobs available

Now that Australia has opened back up, there are plenty of jobs that need filling across the state. Our team will run through the rules when you land in Perth, but broadly speaking, you need to be working in hospitality, tourism, or agriculture. Think working outdoors fruit picking in farms and vineyards, working in tourism to promote national parks and coastal communities, or working with people from all over the world as a server, barista or sous chef in bars, cafés and restaurants.

Not only will you earn great money, but you’ll be adding international experience to your CV and learn a ton of transferrable skills. Plus, your Tik Tok isn’t going to look bad either.

3. High minimum wage

Australia has a high minimum wage, and in Western Australia this is currently $19 an hour for those 21 and over. So, based on working a 37-hour week, you can expect to earn a minimum equivalent of £1,775 GBP** a month (this is before tax), plus tips if you’re working in hospitality and tourism.

4. Mind blowing scenery

Outside its laidback cities, WA is home to some of the most dramatic and beautiful landscapes in Australia – with otherworldly bubble-gum pink lakes, kaleidoscopic coral reefs and giant-carved copper-coloured canyons. Beach or bush – there are 14 different regions you can work in. Live the barefoot life working amongst the squeaky white sands and surf breaks of Esperance, live it up amongst the microbreweries and boho boutiques of Broome, or live the wilder life in Exmouth – gateway to the UNESCO-listed Ningaloo Reef and one of the best places in the world to swim with whale sharks.

5. Become part of a community

At BUNAC, we’re all about having low impact and more authentic adventures – staying longer to not only contribute to the economy through working, but also to become part of a community. You’ll form tight friendships with other travellers from around the world, and really get to know a place and its people – living in smaller towns where you get to know your neighbours.

6. Cheaper and shorter flights

Depending on the time of year, you can pick up flights from the UK to Perth from as little as £500 return. It’s also a shorter flight, with direct services from London to Perth taking less than 17 hours. And don’t forget, you can claim up to $500* back to contribute towards your travel expenses.

7. Lower living costs

On par with the UK, living costs in Australia can be high. But one of the benefits of working in regional Australia is that the accommodation costs and expenses are lower than in the bigger cities – giving you the chance to save more money to help fund the next part of your adventure or more cash to return home with.

Plus, tourism, agriculture and hospitality jobs often include subsidised or live in accommodation, which is not only a great way to live alongside other travellers but also to keep your costs down. As part of this working holiday scheme, you can also claim up to $40* a night for six weeks towards your accommodation costs.

8. Endless summers

While we pretend we’re not moving to Australia for the weather, we’re British, so yes, we’re almost certainly moving to Australia for the weather. The Aussie surf lifestyle is iconic, and a lot of that has to do with the climate. WA’s capital, Perth, is the sunniest city in Australia. So whether you’re working in the sun-drenched wineries of Margaret River or the wildlife-filled waters of Exmouth, it’s always summer somewhere in WA.

9. This guy

Found on the white sand beaches and nature tails of reef-fringed Rottnest Island near Perth, Western Australia is home to the world’s happiest animal – the quokka. End of complex WA sales pitch. 

10. We’ll help you find a job

Cute furry quokkas and polished white beaches sounds great, but isn’t it a lot of work to up sticks and move Down Under? Nope.

Our Work Australia job support program will set you up with everything you need to live and work in WA. We’ll apply for your working holiday visa for you, provide pre-departure support to help you plan your trip, and be there in Perth when you land to get you set up with everything you need to start working – including hostel nights, social events, Aussie bank account and tax file number, and 1-on-1 work support to help you land a job.

Plus, if you want to make sure you’re starting out with other travellers in the same boat as you, our guided 7-day Ultimate Perth week is all work and all play – with 6 nights’ accommodation, an action-packed week of adventures and job workshops, and a bunch of your soon to be best friends/work mates/flat mates.


Find out more about our Kickstart, Essential and Ultimate programs or get on the blower and speak to one of the team.


*The Western Australia’s Paid Escape scheme is only available to eligible candidates and Terms & Conditions apply. For further details, click here.

** A monthly salary of £1775 a month is based on working 37 hours a week over four weeks at a minimum wage of AUD $19. This is before tax.

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