6 Alumni Quotes about Internships in London that will instil wanderlust

The Intern Group: 6 quotes from London interns that will make you want to pack your bags

The Intern Group are a BUNAC Placement Partner for the Intern in Britain program. They are dedicated to significantly improving the skills and employability of their interns who come from all over the world. Check out what some of their previous interns have to say about their life-changing internships in London. Warning: this may make you want to pack your bags and board a flight to London immediately!

  1. "Doing an internship abroad is much more hands-on than anything you might learn at university. You actually get to experience the job, rather than learn about it in the classroom, and you're presented with real responsibilities." - Hunter from New Jersey interned at an international booking agency in London that represents celebrities, musicians and athletes.

  2. "I had a really good experience with my internship and I was lucky enough for it to turn into a full time role quite quickly. Straight away they got me to write stories, go to events and get stuck in from day one which I was quite surprised and really stoked about." - Miriam from New Zealand interned at a media technology company in the Kings Cross area of London.

  3. "My boss is a really great mentor. He's really willing to teach me new things and, despite his busy schedule, he always takes time out of his day to make sure I'm doing well." - Anthony from Hong Kong interned at a web hosting company in the Shoreditch area of London.

  4. "I am very grateful that I was able to have this internship experience in London because now I know what I want to do in the future, which is go into economic development and education." - Shannell, an Assumption College student, interned at a charity focused on financial education in London.

  5. “One of the highlights of my internship has been attending the events that my PR firm puts on. We do a lot of events with celebrities and brand launches and they’re all so much fun. I’ve really enjoyed my time in London and I hope to return and work here one day.” - Robin from the University of Southern California interned at Quintessentially in London.

  6. “Describing my experience in one word, I would have to say it really has been life-changing!” - Ainsley from University of Georgia did a PR internship in London.

So what are you waiting for? Learn more about how to begin your own life-changing adventure today with an internship in London through The Intern Group. For more information, check out our Placement Partner page!